Sunday, December 30, 2012

Wedding Cards Madness!

***Late breaking news: Same blog, new name!  This blog will be more versatile, including all projects big and small, from gardening and crafting to demolition and reconstruction! 

I finally did something with all of my wedding cards, wasn't sure I would get to this the same year we got married.  At first I thought about doing a collage with them, but that seamed like a lot of work.  When I saw this idea on Pinterest from Two Peas in a Bucket it seamed like something I could do with minimal swearing.  
I actually Pinned it and did it!  I got some metal rings and hand-made paper at the craft barn, and the biggest book I could find at goodwill.  Apparently my hole puncher is awful, but a Red Stripe beer helped me get through all the cards.  (My sister, asia's, was the hardest one to get through..the glitter must have been epoxied on, maybe a little karma from all of the work I put on her this summer as my maid of honor)  I got a grommet kit at the home depot, and grommeting was easy after an hour of researching rivets and realizing that rivets and grommets are two separate entities.  Here are the pics.  .  . 

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