Friday, November 23, 2012

Kitchen: Phase 1 Complete!

Project Kitchen, Take 2.  
Ok, so this is a second round of a kitchen redo.  I have now painted this room twice--the first kitchen redo was more of a "quick cover up." This cover up allowed me to cook dinner without going into a deep state of depression caused by tacky color combinations.  Now that we have tackled every room, some to a further degree than others, and gotten rid of all the hideous wallpaper (pondering the age old question, how many times can you WALLPAPER OVER WALLPAPER) AND gotten our wedding out of the way! we now have more time to nitpick color combinations, second guess our decisions, find adorable ideas on etsy and pinterest and imagine a better life for ourselves, a life that includes a little bit of chartreuse, a little bit of re-purposed old stuff, a little bit of imagination, some paint-y old sweatpants and a sick 90's mix.  So, inspired by an idea off of, drawn up by me and engineered by my husband, (after a lot of conversations based off of the question"are you sure this is what you want") we now have open shelving, and yes, it is turquoise (best color in the world).  

My favorite part of the kitchen re-do is this re-purposed old gun cabinet we found in the basement when we moved in.  It didn't have any guns in it, but it was old and dirty with broken glass and no shelves.  I sanded and binned the hell out of it and got sunrise glass to get me some new glass panels.  Brendon made some shelves for me and edge-banned then so that they looked extra special.  Eat your heart out pottery barn.  All and all this cabinet cost me 20$ for the glass and about 15$ worth of paint.  I think everyone except maybe the NRA would think that this re-purpose was the right choice. 

The second phase will include a new stainless steel dishwasher and hardwood maple to match the rest of the downstairs.  Phase 2 will hopefully be happening in January.  Despite my best efforts to pick this delicious set up at Restore. . . . 
we will probably stick with stainless appliances that are more "efficient" and "modern."  Brendon never lets me have anything that I want.

Phase 3 will most likely be the trim, and in the style of being a carpenters wife and a carpenters house, will come several years later. Scroll down to check out more pics!  

Re-purposed gun cabinet.  Doesn't it look so much better with fiestaware? 

Another view of the cabinets, have to show off my turkey day centerpiece, ornamental kale from Sweet Pea Garden. 

awesome 1960's cabinet I acquired from the antique School House in Brewer about 10 years ago (the pear canisters are from there too)!

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  1. LOVE the kitchen, even though Brendan won't let you have the fabulous retro kitchen set (hello, you're trying to reduse, reuse, and recycle!).