Saturday, May 12, 2012



All you have to do is dig them up yourself and discard all of the other trash ( old leather shoes, bus tires, metal cans, broken glass, bed frames, water heaters).  Three trailer loads to the dump later, Brendon actually got some money for the old metal we dug out, and we have a nice trash free back yard.  I used vinegar and rice to clean out the old bottles as best as I could, they are still not perfect. 

I followed the instructions that I found on Ehow here: How to rid glass vases of residue.  Some of them turned out pretty clean and here they are displayed in our house after hours of hard labor.

Old soda cans with some flowers from our gardens. 

Pepsi-Cola bottle

 We were going to use some of the bottles as centerpieces at our wedding, but they didn't come clean enough for my liking.  Pretty happy with how they turned out though! 

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