Friday, March 23, 2012

A Much Deserved Deep Breath!

     Alright, it has been a few weeks since my last post, but its not because we haven't been busy chipping away on this house!  We have been so wrapped up with projects for the last 8 months, we haven't given ourselves enough pats on the back for all that we have done.  Brendon and I will be taking a few week break on major projects, although my hands cannot stay idle for that long so i have a few smaller ideas up my sleeve for the time being. 

     I just recently flipped through my old e-mails from 10 months ago (thanks g-mail for saving them all for me!) and was looking at what this house used to look like! Yuck!  But these pictures also made me realize how much work we have been doing, and how much we need to get out of town for a weekend to give ourselves a break!  Red Sox Opening weekend? 

     Our biggest major project was installing hardwood in the living room.  When we moved in there was 20+ year old carpet that had to be ripped out immediately due to my allergies.  I painted the hardwood that was already down, but we weren't really happy with the way that looked.  I am so glad that we decided to lay the new hardwood sooner rather than later because it makes a HUGE difference in the space.  Before i chose a gray floor paint, and the walls were a gray tinted white-it really wasn't working, but after painting EVERY room in this house, I wasn't mentally ready to re-paint anything just yet.  I am glad that I kept the gray walls because I really like them with the new wood floor. 


Everyone is happy!  Brendon did a great job laying the floor with some help from me, (some).  Even Steve approves, although the lack of traction on a shiny new floor has taken some getting used to. 

Steve's Stamp of Approval