Monday, February 13, 2012

Personal Touches

I try to remind myself weekly that we really have done so much to this house already--but it still feels like we have so far to go.  I am constantly thinking that I cant wait until all of the projects are finished, but I also know that as a homeowner, that never happens.  Once everything is nice you start thinking about upgrades (when i'm done with all the rooms in my house I will unsubscribe to Real Simple and stop going crazy on a quest for the perfect wall color). 

While I am amidst finishing the orange room (the room with the weird orange wall paper) and tearing out the closet in the truck room (the room with the weird 1950s American automobile wallpaper), I thought that I would share one of the smaller projects that I just finished.  When we moved into the house there were a lot of weird quirks (on top of the orange bird and old truck wallpaper).  There were room numbers on the 4 bedrooms upstairs, and there was Madonna (not the singer) wallpaper above the stairs with reddish pink paint dripping down it and also "area rug style" linoleum flooring on the bedroom floors.  Some of the things were out in the driveway for the garbage man the day we moved in, but some of the ideas I wanted to keep.  I really liked the idea of the room numbers, even if it was perhaps because the house was an insane asylum in the past (maybe??  you have to be insane to choose the old truck wallpaper right?)

I decided to create my own ceramic room numbers for the bedrooms upstairs.  I built them slab style, fired them, glazed them and with some decorative carpet tacks they now hang on the doorways of all of the second flood bedrooms.  I like how it pushed the bed and breakfast feel that our 1920's farm style house already kind of has.  It also helps me feel less overwhelmed by not only taking on huge demolition projects, but finding a balance of small projects and bigger projects to help you feel productive.  

Stay tuned for next week when I am either mudding the truck room or helping brendon put down wood floors (if we can settle the age old battle of hickory vs. maple)


  1. Will guests be assigned rooms when they arrive? Will there be chocolate on the pillows?