Friday, February 24, 2012

linoleum, carpet-board, and horsehair plaster, oh my!

So I finally tackled the worst bedroom in the house.  From the cracking ceiling, to the multiple layers of wallpaper and the idiot-rigged closet, it is all fixed and i am happy to say that this room is complete!  I had to mud over the wallpaper (all of the walls) to make sure that the walls were smooth enough to paint.  I was going to do new wallpaper but it seamed wrong since I loathed every type of wallpaper that had been on those walls already (also wallpaper is expensive!).  I then sanded the walls and ceiling (next time i will wear a hat because i had stiff hair for 3 days after the dust in my hair got wet, although my hair did look thicker than it ever has).


I chose an eggshell paint because the walls were still not perfectly smooth and I thought the less shiny the better. I used Bin 123 primer because I wanted the paint to really stick to the walls, in the past I have had a hard time painting the plaster in the other rooms so bin has helped a lot because it will stick to anything.  I ripped up the linoleum only to find carpet board underneath, which brendon ever so graciously helped me pull up. 


We found 3 deeds to monopoly properties, a wheat penny, and a picture of the old owner when she was a child (pretty funny stuff) we will add that to our collection of the WWII food rations booklet and stamps.  Brendon also helped me rebuild the closet and remove the framing that held on two closet doors by their hinges,  I then made a curtain to go across the whole wall, hiding the still imperfect closet (but it works for now!) Anyways after sanding and painting the floor, the room is now complete!

The finishing touch was to frame a piece of the old wallpaper, I couldn't help myself it was so kitsch and perfect that I needed to save a part of it.  3 down and 1 more bedroom to go!


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  1. You kick ass. I can't wait to see all you've done!!